With the 2023 elections still a few years away, there’s time to strategize and prepare for a more cohesive approach to saving the soul of our country.

The recent events that have happened in Nigeria have both been revolutionary and heartbreaking. The youths stood up to fight for their rights but some of them lost their lives in the process.  The fact that the government did not acknowledge all of this left us all broken. But we are not powerless. We can still fight.

We can fight by working on ourselves first. The new Nigeria we want to have should be full of people that are honest, selfless, and full of integrity no matter what. It was very easy for people to forget the purpose of the protest after the Lekki toll gate massacre and resort to looting malls and other people’s businesses. This is not the Nigeria we want. We need to do better to build a new and better Nigeria.

Also, in preparation for the 2023 elections, a representative for the YDP (Youth Democratic Party) which was newly created should be unanimously chosen. The masses should also be educated about the voting process and awareness should be created about the new party. In Nigeria, only two parties are acknowledged – ‘People’s Democratic Party’ (PDP) and ‘All Progressives Congress’ (APC). This anomaly can be changed before 2023.

Citizens that are old enough to vote should get their PVCs too.

By Jacintha Nosazeogie (Instagram: @jacienosa)
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