Wndrr is a wanderer; a character that’s driven by curiosity to explore the world. One that believes in creative freedom and the need to paint different perspectives of society for a better understanding of ourselves and our world. At the heart of this lies the creative mind that observes, understands, and interprets creatively, for others to appreciate the world.

As creatives, we want to know more about the world and the best way to do this is to explore, observe and also listen to what others have to share. This website is a safe space where we share those undiluted ideas, concepts, and understanding of life and society from different people, to paint a better picture for us all.

The Wndrr character explores space, water, and land (for Writers, Graphic Artists/Designers, and Video Creators and Editors). Wndrr is gender-neutral and can either be an astronaut (exploring space), a deep-sea diver (exploring water), or a miner (exploring the earth). The consistent rope in these images represents the thread of conscience that connects everyone to collective humanity – Ubuntu. 

We can all be Wndrrs if we allow our curiosity to lead us as we explore our world. 

Welcome to an endless adventure into the minds of a generation of young and brilliant creatives.

Let’s Wndr together!