“What do you mean she’s dead?!”

It had been two hours since she typed that line. Her first line. Her only line.

She sighed.

She glanced at her phone.

No notifications. No “hello” from mum, or a “have you gotten dinner?” from West. Of course there were no notifications. She had put her phone on airplane mode like she always did when she was writing. No internet, no distractions. At least that’s what her dad always said. She had shut everyone and everything out and only gotten one line. She wasn’t going to question the process. This was just an off day. If only Sherry would understand. She had specifically told her that morning that she needed the article on her desk by 10am or else. She looked up at the rose shaped burgundy clock above her cupboard. 2:30am. Another 30 minutes had passed and still no inspiration. Rather, she was feeling sleepy. She could go to bed and risk losing her job. She’d be forced to go back to her parents’ house and live under the forever disappointed glare of her father. She shook her head. No. She decided that a cold bath and a coffee would keep her awake and ready for work. She put her laptop on sleep mode and closed it. She took off her glasses, placed it in its case, stood up and proceeded to the bathroom.