Dear sir,   

I am..
The dent:
In your perfect little society,

The spot:
On the garment of your economy,

The flaw:
In your union called family.

I am..

The lame beggar by the roadside,
The deformed cast by the wayside
The voiceless cast aside by your system
The unwanted infirmity of your companies,
The female underserving of beauty,
The sightless one, unfit to lead.

I am…

You call me disabled,
Your heart screams ‘destitute,’
Or visually impaired,
Whilst in your heart, ‘to darkness condemned’

You call me dyslexic,
Your heart says ‘moronic;’

You call me paralyzed,
Your heart says ‘held bound’.

We vie for Inclusion,
Yet you keep us in seclusion:

Our value you ignore,
Our skills you neglect,
Our abilities – you’re unaware,
And our bodies, you reject.

Wake up! Wake up!
Open wide and see!
That from us once came,
The ones you call great.

Johannes Braille, Stephen Hawking,
Ludwig Beethoven – him too;
Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein,
Stevie Wonder, Hellen Keller.

We are…
Deserving of inclusion,
Deserving of a voice,
Give us your recognition,
We’re worthy of applause.

We are..
The Ones with Special Needs.

‘TheDescriptor’ James Akande ( Instagram: thelimitlesslight )


Albert Einstein: Regarded as a genius, the physicist had a learning disability and did not speak until age 3. He had a very difficult time with maths in school, and it was also very hard for him to express himself through writing.

Edison: Inventor of the phonograph, light bulb and many other inventions in various fields used in daily life. In his early life he was thought to have a learning disability as he could not read till he was twelve, also admitting later on that he became deaf after pulling up to a train car by his ears.

Stevie Wonder: Legendary musician and songwriter Stevie Wonder was born blind, yet considered as a child prodigy.

Stephen Hawking: A theoretical physicist, astrophysicist, cosmologist, and eminent scientist, Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with ALS at age 21 and given 2 more years to live. He lived until he was 76-years-old. Paralysed from head to toe for over thirty years, using a power chair and a voice synthesiser to be able to communicate.

Helen Keller: An American author, activist, and lecturer, she was the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. She campaigned for women’s rights and other labour rights, and was also awarded the Medal of Freedom by US President Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

Ludwig van Beethoven – A famous and influential music composer who had a hearing-related disability, eventually turning into deafness. The ones with special needs: People with disabilities.

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