CHIJIOKE ILOANYA, 20 (November 2012)

Courtesy: Seyi Adegoke (Instagram: @agent23__ )

SUNDAY BANG, 24 (October 2018)

Sunday Bang, a 24-year-old amateur boxer, described how he was arrested at home in Abuja in October 2018, by three SARS officers and accused of robbery. He was arrested because he had visited his girlfriend a few hours before her house was raided by armed robbers. Sunday Bang told Amnesty International that during his five weeks’ detention by SARS, he was not allowed access to his relatives or a lawyer.

He described his experience at SARS office in Abuja to Amnesty International:

They took me to the torture chambers the second day after my arrest. One policeman, in charge of torture, came with a bicycle/car tyre tube and a hard piece of wood. He tied my left arm with the tube. It was very painful and my arm went numb. He tied me from my palm to the end of my upper arm. They beat me with a stick and rod on my arms, knees and legs. They broke my two legs… I couldn’t stand… I was bleeding from my legs and body. My blood was flowing all
over the floor. I kept telling them that I was innocent of the accusation. The police officer was threatening he would shoot me if I didn’t admit that I participated in the robbery. I was very weak because I had not eaten any food since my arrest.

Sunday Bang

Bang told Amnesty International that his arms were specifically targeted during his torture, to ensure that he would no longer be able to use them to box. Three weeks after his arrest, the police arrested the robbers who robbed Sunday Bang’s girlfriend’s house but said they would not release him until his injuries were healed, to prevent him from being able to lodge any complaint against the police. He was kept in detention for a further two weeks without access to medication. He was eventually released after his relatives paid N20,000

Source: Amnesty International – NIGERIA: TIME TO END IMPUNITY – Torture and Other Violations by Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS)