If today I die,
Sons of men may weep in sorrow.
But oh! They needn’t mourn without hope.
For sweet joys await me in the world unknown.

While my death knell resounds,
I’d swiftly drift to a world unknown.
A world where men take walks afloat,
And get their drink from billowing cascades.

A world more mystical than Saturn or Mars,
Alight by love, bringing low the Sun and stars.
Where shouts of ” gloria aleluya!” pervade the air,
From the throats of a thousand celestials.

Though darn too young I may be,
I’ve got no fear of the end I see.
Cause I’ll be snuggling in love’s arm, in the world beyond.
With a content sigh, my heart singing; “no more pain!”

By Victoria ‘Vicky’ Salako (Instagram: )