“Who is she?” The police officer asked sternly. “I’m not sure but she really wants to speak to someone, she said she has some very important information about the criminal activities, I feel it is closely related to the case we are working on” his assistant said. “What part of the town is she from?” He asked. “She walked through the forests on the north.” The police officer picked up his phone, he signalled to his assistant to leave. “Be with you shortly”. “I think we might have a problem” he said to the voice on the phone.

The police officer walked into a dimly lit room, he scanned the room and noticed the girl by the table. He couldn’t see her properly, so he moved towards the light. The Officer felt something sticky under his feet. He soon realized it was blood. He traced it back to the girl’s feet. There she was, her foot submerged in a pool of her own blood. He offered her a bottle of water and she took it voraciously. She was a very gruesome sight to behold; sweaty, with blood dripping, and scars all over. She smelt like death.

The police officer couldn’t wait to get it over with, he could feel his stomach churning from the sight of her. “So you have some news?” She seemed to have torrents and she flinched uneasily, but her voice and expressions were devoid of any basic social etiquette. The strange girl cowered and laughed hysterically at the same time “Oh yes I do.” The assistant pulled out a tape recorder, he hit a button “shall we?” She crushed the bottle spilling water out “yes we shall. we shall indeed!” She smiled slowly and widely till the corner of her pale lips were close to her ears. He motioned to his assistant to set up the camera.

“No!” She screamed.

“Okay no cameras” the police officer shrugged like he had been through it before.

“Here was how it all started. I was a peasant girl in the fields. Nobody cared much about what happened to me. when I was 12, a certain man called Al came to take me away from my mother. She didn’t care and soon I was gone. He drove for hours until we finally reached a rectangular building with enormous length in a forest. My first night there was good. I ate and slept. I thought things were going to get better for me (she laughed weirdly and then stopped abruptly) they didn’t. 

Soon bad Al called me into a room with no windows or furniture. The only object present was a camera on a stand. He did things to me in front of a camera.” She stopped.

“What things?” The assistant asked gasping.

Her torrents got worse and she shook visibly. “Seems like the question upsets her.” The police officer said. “Honey you’re going to have to answer.” He could feel the words honey taste sour in his mouth.

“He told me to take off my clothes and he….” She flinched more and she started making ticking sounds with her mouth.

The assistant moved away holding his face “how old were you?” The assistant asked.

She scratched her body brutality and she tore her nails into her skin until she bled but she felt nothing. “Twelve” she smiled.

“Well that explains a lot.” The police officer said gesturing to his assistant. His assistant grew cold and her gave her an icy stare. “Well, it continued. Sometimes he wouldn’t do it, sometimes he would ask me to, on him, sometimes he would ask me to, on animals, I soon realized there were others like me, little boys and girls, in front of camera doing whatever he asked, unless we would get the chair.” She started pulling out her hair.

“What is the chair?” The police officer asked.

“Oh, I got the chair a lot. He would take us to a white room, a device tapped to our temples and it would send electric waves from the brain to the entire body. I didn’t like the chair at first, but I grew to love it. It hurt a lot less and I wasn’t in front of a camera. Soon Bad bad Al figured out and each time I said no or struggled, he would have a lot animals do it to me.” She started crying. “Sometimes he would bring babies the girls had with their umbilical cord still attached and he would do those things to them.” She wiped her nose with her bloody hands.

The assistant flinched and walked out of the room and the police officer followed close behind. “Well, I think that explains the babies with the split from their reproductive organs to their necks we’ve been seeing.” The police man said. The assistant grew nauseous and he ran to the toilet. “What kind of insane people would do this to children!? This is sickening!” The assistant said wiping his lips with a paper towel.

“People in need of money, it sells well on the black market you know, there are a lot of paedophiles that appreciate content like that.” He said.

“Appreciate content?” The assistant asked.

The police officer shrugged. “She must have walked a long way.” He said scribbling. The assistant watched him and was taken aback by his indifference. “She probably still knows her way back, we can trace it back and go save those kids” the assistant beamed.

“And then what? We’d have people like them in the society?” The Officer asked.

“They’d heal” the assistant whispered.

“You need some rest. Take the night off ” he patted the Assistant’s shoulder.

“Let me just grab my jacket” he said walking into his office.

The police officer soon returned to the interrogation room, “somebody is here to see you” he said. The girl got up and knocked over her chair. She ran to a wall and started sobbing and hitting her head aggressively on the wall. Her bones crushed against the wall and she bled profusely, but she didn’t stop. She didn’t even wince at the pain. She felt nothing. “Child, there’s no saving you from me,” Bad Al said as he walked slowly towards her and pulled her gently from the wall. Her forehead had crushed into her skull and it was split open with blood gushing out. “Please” she whispered.

“The entire world is not even outraged at the fact that this is happening to you. You think some police officer on my payroll would give two f*cks?” He touched her face lightly. She struggled to run back to the wall, but he overpowered her, slumped her over his shoulder, and headed for the door. The assistant watched from his car as bad Al tucked the girl into his boot and as the police officer wished him farewell.

By Ebunoluwa Braimoh (Instagram: _e.bun)

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