I’m empty, 
I found myself helpless, 
When they molested me on the road, 
I found myself worthless, 
When they made me cry at that place, 
I found myself hopeless, 
When they started ripping off my clothes, 
I found myself lifeless, 
When they touched me and burned my skin with their gaze. 

I’m empty, 
Rape defaces, rape hurts, 
Not literally meant but biologically correct, 
It hurts because it affects the feelings of someone, 
Society is never slandered, 
The victim is forever disparaged, 
Eroded of her innocence, washed off her benevolence. 

Day by day, news of molestation, 
Defaming God’s beautiful creation, 
The victims, instilled with fear. 
I hope one day, no news of rape, 
I hope one day, no obscene tape, 
It’s so hard to achieve, 
A world free of harassment and tease, 
Their days are crawling like a year, all because of fear, 
Our country is in a treacherous condition, 
Due to a lack of erudition. 

I hope, one day, 
Girls shall be protected with honor enwreathe, 
When the society shall punish rapists until death.  I feel it, no more emptiness, just HOPE.