Darkness is my friend; silence my companion,

The light blinds my eye and the sound of conversation hurts my ears.

I have no one to call my own; no friend to lean on,

I’m a lone ranger fighting my own battles.

Dark clouds hanging from above, the cold bite of the harmattan breeze on bareback,

A cry rings out into the night air; one last try,

“Lend me your ears”, but no one hears,

Scars adorn my hands like a bridal henna– a noose around my neck, but no one sees,

I’m a lone wolf in this jungle called life.

Darkness my old friend you’re back again,

Only thing I ask from you is to take the pain,

The road’s been long and filled with thorns,

The night stretches on with no sign of dawn,

Social is my name, anti–my title.

The silent voices in my head now scream out loud,

I’m going mad there’s no doubt

I wish we had more time to spend together my friend,

But alas, my race is run; and this show must end,

This world is not my home so I must go away

Let me rest till that Final Day,

I’m a wet blanket and you hung me out to dry.

By Margic Pen