There was god.                                 
Maybe one or many of them, it didn’t matter
My map failed to locate any anyways
The little mirror searched tirelessly with no result,
Only pointing out the churches and mosques
And shrines and prominent temples of worship
I’m leaving in search of a new god.

Mama said he lived in hearts.                 
And only mirrored through beings
She thought there was just one.       
Whatever he is
Those sweet worship melodies aren’t saving her
From death’s scary shadow                                           
I’m leaving in search of a new god.

Her hallelujah could only be outdone by the fear that she nursed,
Seeing the earth stretch forth its hand from sixth feet below
On her bed, she would sing beautifully
With rheum of tears streaming down her wrinkled skin                                              
And her moist eyes begging for a miracle
While the centre couldn’t uphold its claim ‘God cures,’ what guts!

Mama wept uncontrollably.                    
She wanted the fate of the miraculous four days old ghost for Akanji – her first son.                  
The Pastor had preached it during sermons.
But that didn’t save Aduke, Arike, Omolabake and, Akanni from death’s claws.
I’m leaving in search of a new god.

She witnessed four daylights and dusks without vegetables or water.
Her eyes fixed in the sky.
Unlike Lazarus, her hopes dashed to the tomb
Their ghosts were not re-gifted with beautiful skin as of newborns           
Neither were they filled with blood
Nor fattened flesh like Orobo botiboti, as everyone called young Aduke.

Mama Akanji had accepted a white god
Who found himself in a strange black land, many had said.                                         
She read the handwriting of horror
Hunting her like the biblical texts on the wall.
Wept profusely and clutched her small sacred book to her chest
In hope and faith, and defence

There, I left her.
In the blindness of the gross darkness that overshadows noon at dusk,
I left searching for a new god.

By Olusola Favour (Instagram: d_fahy4)

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