We are coming!
We are the storm the elders saw
in their visions and mystical trances;
A generation of great promise.

We are coming!
Our men and women ride side by side.
The feeble cubs of yesterday
are now a pride of kings and queens.

We are coming!
The weight of oppression has sparked a revolution.
A generation that can’t be ignored;
A generation that can’t be controlled.

We are tomorrow’s people.
The time is right! We are here!
The revolution begins…
The revolution begins?

The fire of revolution is drowned
in a flood of likes and comments.
Technology has taken us ahead of our problems.
Our phones distract us from the cancerous present.

We ignore the problems of yesterday,
refuse to acknowledge today’s problems,
and remain unprepared for tomorrow.

We have come, but now we are the mess;
Part of the decay we once kicked against.
The embers of hope are cold.
We are here but we are the new problem.