When evil flocks
In daylight
Will the masters act now?
Or wait till night
When it ducks?

And if danger comes
from within
Where will your wrath rest?
And if your own a threat becomes
Would you kill your best?

If your frocks and lace
… your very best are rags
and in vogue are plain old sheets
Would you quicken your pace
in getting them?
Or would you stop dancing to vain beats?

What if your faith was wrong?
Years of worship all a waste,
and your shunned neighbour’s was right
Would you choose to burn in hell?
and of the fiery fires taste?
Or would you end the fight?

And if the down trodden
should take your place
Away from walls sodden
And rise to grace
Would they help lift your burden?
Or leave you with the sheep to graze?

Instagram: emechetajoan

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