I’m from a world where I find it hard to say I hurt
Where ‘T’ never spells ‘therapy’
And depression a thing just for the movies
I was born to the streets
On the ruffled brown leaves of summer 
But here summer comes every morning

I came wailing to the sound of war
The fight for power and fight to live
I swam with my tears into uncertainty
I grew to fasting on Sunday mornings
As we rose with the cock even before the first light
To gather round the steaming pot of rice by noon
I was born to the fast life

The fast lane of early morns and late nights
With the thrill of anxiety bursting through every vein
But, as a bird to a cage, I’m locked behind the iron bars
Locked from the gawking monsters with sly smirks and broken buckles 
Who could disrobe me without batting an eye
I’m a child born to the world 
Yet knows nothing than the colours on my walls  But sails on wings of ingenuity to be at peace

By Oreoluwa Deborah Oguntade – (Instagram: __tade.derhbi__)

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