We laid awake at dusk

Daring to have dreams we were forbidden from

Hoping for the best things

Served only the worst for daily meal

Our dreams, they called unreal and stupid

So, we stopped dreaming and stayed awoke

Dreams don’t put food on the table they said

So, we decided to work more and dreamed less

The bitter truth is this;

We did not just loose our ability to dream

We lost our path in trying to find a way in nowhere land

We lost hope when they made us believe that what we had was all there could ever be for us

That where we stood was where we deserved to be

Nothing more, maybe less

You know, they told us stories of how life was brutal and unfair and taught us to be always ready for the worse

What they never told us was that life could be beautiful

That there could be a brighter morning, a fine lining in the clouds

That if we dreamed just right and worked just as hard, those dreams could be our reality


They took away our brighter morning before the sun rise

Calling our dreams unreal

We had to believe them, they were all we had

Our knights in shiny armours, our guardian angels

The ones we believed in, praying they’d believe in us someday

Believe in our dreams, even if they were stupid and unreal

But in their quest to protect us from the unknown

They made us the unknown

They stripped us of who we were to become

They stole us from ourselves

Leaving us with the loudest silence of no music.

By Chika Sophia (Instagram: chika_sophia)

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