Wndrr – Launch out into the deep – There’s always more in the deep.

It’s time to explore a different creative dimension. Wndrr is leaving space for the deep! We’re following our curiosity into the deep as the ‘deep-sea diver’.

What this means is that we are bringing visual artists into the mix! For 10 weeks, we’ll be running a little campaign so we can experience the beauty of their gifts – We are grateful in advance.

Let’s give you a sneak peek into what we want to achieve;

Our next adventure would challenge us to rethink and reimagine. It’s easy to accept the work of one person when you can’t imagine any other option.

I can imagine the ‘Wndrr’ writers asking – What about us?

You remain the maiden Wndrrs – our original storytellers. So, while we publish the art from the new challenge, we will start posting selected work from our writers on Instagram. We’re building a community of creatives who can tell stories of our society for entertainment, education, and posterity.