Those who aim to drown an ocean
by cutting through the water
with cutlasses and bullets
teargas and hot water
will only wear themselves out
the ocean’s resistance will not falter.

You cannot kill a faceless protest
the more we are cut down
the more we are growing
we come in peace to unfairness contest
our stance this time is enduring.

Can you see the magic swelling
can you feel this force
can you smell the rain heralding
a hurricane ready to run its course.

Can you see the lighting striking
hear our thunder how she roars
we have been fashioning a key
we are ready to exit prisons like open doors.

Breathe in injustice
breathe out fire
there will be no retreat
the more you try to break us
the more we are inspired
we are one heartbeat.

Regardless of religion and ethnicity
together we rise
we say no to police brutality
the fog is lifted from our eyes
we say shut it all down
from sunset to sunrise.

It has never been inside us to conform
we leave past generations to compete for the highest norm
there is so much more to realize
some are okay with gazing
but our wings were made to surf the skies.

By Wasilah Morenikeji Oyekan

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